Catholic Summer 101

Welcome to another installment in my Catholic family life talks.

Catholic Summer 101 PDF Slides for the talk.

The topic is how do we as parents have a sane, joyful, Catholic summer with our children?  Read through the slides to get the outline of what’s covered.

Planning Notes – Late Easter Kids’ Activities

While the adults are in class, the kids will be making blue-and-white Sky and Cloud  Ascension sundaes.   Inspired by the lovely Jello and whipped cream desserts pictured at Catholic Icing’s Ascension guide.  For lack of blue jello, we’ll be using transparent blue party cups, with vanilla ice cream and canned whipping cream as the cloud material, and frozen blueberries, blueberry syrup, and blue Gatorade powder (for sprinkles – put a small amount in a bowl and let children spoon one spoonful on their sundae if they like) as optional blue things to put in your sky.

(I know – kinda gross, or maybe really good.  I had a child help with the recipe adaptation.)

We’ll offer Ascension and Pentecost coloring sheets.  A leader will read a narrated-version of the story of the Ascension from the NAB.  The leader will go through the Bible account, but add appropriate explanations as she reads so that the children understand what is happening.

Two totally hokey Pentecost-themed games are planned:

Disciple, Disciple, Apostle which is Duck, Duck, Goose only with a red bandanna dropped on your head (fire of the Holy Spirit, ya know) if you get chosen to be “sent out” and, um, yeah it’s a stretch.

Apostolic Succession Relay uses a red cup from the package the blue cups came in to serve as the flame of the Holy Spirit.  You put a foam koosh ball in your cup, carry it on your head (stabilized by one finger if you are over five, whole hand if you are five and under), and pass on the HS to your next teammate in line.

Yes, my daughter and I have spent too much time around VBS.  It’s a gift.