Free Downloads

I wouldn’t be much of a blogger if I didn’t like to write free stuff.  Here are links to a few things I’ve done that you can download at no charge, share and enjoy.

Free Study Guide for Forming Intentional Disciples

If you’ve read Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell, you probably agree it’s a must-read for any Catholic who cares about evangelization. This is the link to the discussion guide published by for the 2013 Lawn Chair Catechism.  The guide includes a chapter-by-chapter summary and questions for reflection and discussion.

“Lawn Chair Catechism” Forming Intentional Disciples Study Guide 

10 Essentials for Classroom Behavior Management

Need to give a talk on classroom management to the catechists in your parish?  I put together this pamphlet  to serve as a set of talking points for just such a short course.  You can print both sides (instructions here) or print just the front side and put whatever you like on the back.

10 Essentials for Classroom Behavior Management 1-Page Handout

Workshop Notes: The 6 E’s & Rhythm and Routine

This is a handout for use in teaching the two most comprehensive chapters in my book.  Use this outline to introduce the main ideas, then fill in with detailed examples as you present.  The 6 E’s make a good post-mortem analysis tool for rebounding after a miserable day.

Workshop Handout Classroom Management Basics

Choosing Activities for 4th – 6th Grades – Workshop Notes

These are the detailed notes from a workshop I gave in Fall 2011 on how to choose activities for later-elementary aged students.  It’s not a list of activity ideas.  It’s an approach to thinking through your choices, and considering which activities to include, and how to include them.  Use it for making your own class plans, or borrow the notes to present a workshop along these lines for the catechists in your parish or diocese.

Click to download: Teaching Outside the Book – Workshop Notes

Making Friends: A Handout for Parish Mixers 

People frequently ask, “How do I make friends at my parish?”  The following document is based on a retreat I wrote for a Catholic organization.  I’ve adapted it to make it suitable for any Catholic parish or group to use.  What you’ll need to do:

1. Plan a social event, or a fellowship time during a scheduled activity.

2. Let everyone know that making a friend is one of the assigned activities for today.  Catholics are shy.  You have to kick them a little to get them to socialize.

3. Distribute the handout.

4. Mingle and actively introduce shy persons to one another.  Get them warmed up, then back away and let them make friends.

Catholic Friendship – A Handout for Parish and Group Mixers

Have fun with it.  You can use this activity as many times as you like, or until everyone in your parish or organization knows every other person.  So: As many times as you like.