3.5 Time Outs: Catholic Insomnia

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Dark pleasures of homeschooling parents:  Listening from the other room as your spouse valiantly tries to help a child with his homework . . . and noting that your spouse, too, is on the verge of breaking into swear words.



Who took the dry-erase marker off my refrigerator?  I need it because . . .


Middle of the dark I wake up with busy-brain.  I hear the neighbor’s truck outside.  Must be getting near dawn.  Which means: Stay still.  Do not go to living room and read The Doctors of the Church for a bit to settle down.  DO NOT GET A DRINK OF WATER.

Because: I need an undisturbed waking temp. Need.



I lay there a while.  I wonder if the truck I heard was not my neighbor but the people who go around breaking into cars.  I wonder if those people ever did read the Teacher’s Manual they stole last time.  I wonder if the SuperHusband set his car alarm so that we’ll know when the car-breakers are opening his minivan whose side doors only open when the vehicle is locked and the alarms are set.  I wonder what the car-breakers will think of the giant load of junk filling the back of my truck.  Do they want old children’s games with missing pieces?

No, it is not the car-breakers, because the neighbor starts his truck up again and begins moving it around the yard.  He does this.  He loves backing up.  Precisely.  He has to back up many times.

And then he drives off, and it is silent.  And still very dark.  I worry: Is it actually close to waking-up time?  Or is it the middle of the night and my neighbor is doing his late-night things that he sometimes does?  Nuts if I’ve been laying here all quiet and still with no drink of water and no prospect of sleep, and it’s actually 1 am and not 6 am.  I wonder why I have no clock on my side of the bed.  About three times a year, I want one.


I give up.  Grab thermometer, head to living room.  Yay: 6:45.  Double-Yay:  99.0.

One of these years my kids will understand why they sometimes find summer-weather temperatures written on the door of the fridge in the middle of January.


Roman Holiday.  Of course.

11 thoughts on “3.5 Time Outs: Catholic Insomnia

  1. I’m having a more gender-neutral week. Inasmuch as Roman Holiday could be called ‘gender neutral’. Loved the man topics, btw. Aghast about the cruise ship, though. Wow. The more I read the news, the more I love my cave.

  2. “Do they want old children’s games with missing pieces?”

    When my car was broken into in Miami (twice, plus another two times of my license plates being stolen), they took

    1. three quarts of engine oil
    2. all the change I had thrown in the ashtray
    3. my new prescription sunglasses
    4. the old shower curtain I left in the trunk in case I had to change a flat in the rain

    They did not take my music tapes, which insulted me.

    1. You go through a lot of prescription sunglasses. :-).

      Unsurprising story: We did not know our cars had been broken into, because they weren’t broken into, they were just opened the usual way, until we started looking for items and could not find them. And then I remembered hearing the car alarm go off the same night neighbor’s car was broken into. (Actually broken — hence I keep my truck unlocked. I do not want to fix my truck. I’d rather they stole my gum and moved on. But now I bring my teacher’s manual in to the house every Wed night no matter how tired I am, because I don’t want to explain to the DRE why she has to give me a new one.)

      I’d take the shower curtain, too. If I were the car-breaking type. Those are useful.

  3. We’re discussing getting a peak temp, and it’s less girly?? lol

    And in the summer months, when you wake up and it’s light outside, it’s too early to temp. Do you know, I never adjust for a variation in temping time? It doesn’t seem to vary as specifically as CCLI suggests it might. For now. I understand aging might steal such liberties away from me.

    Roman Holiday?

    1. Hehe. Well, less than say regency-inspired wedding dresses. It’s a continuum.

      I don’t have too much trouble with exact times, either. But cold water at 6 am or getting up 5:30, reading for an hour, going back to bed for an hour? That’ll throw things off.

      RH = Gregory Peck + Audrey Hepburn, romantic comedy that ends . . . well, I won’t tell you. But it was well-suited to occasion, even though all I was really going for was escape. It’s my favorite girl movie I think. Or one of. But I borrow it from the library so much I finally had Santa pick me up the $5 copy at Target for Christmas so we could watch it un-scratched for a change.

  4. Re insomnia: I will get that way about certain political topics ralphed all over Facebook… I have to remind myself every now and then that 1) its _facebook_ and 2) majority of the time it is those obscure crazy people circles in the SCA that are no longer in left (or right) field but somewhere wayyyyy out yonder.

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