3.5 Time Outs: Minecraft

Thanks once again to our host Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy, keeping up with all your man card punching needs.

Click and be amazed.


There was an incident.  5-year-old girl, 11-year-old boy, breakfast, and an injured knee.  I was summoned to the inquest.  Findings were inconclusive, but I was quite certain 6th graders need to learn not to get involved in injuring small children during meals.  I declared he would be her personal servant for the next 30 minutes.

A few minutes later I walk into my study, and there’s the boy. On my computer.  “Tink told me to set up Minecraft for her.”


Next time someone asks me to join in on a group baby-shower gift, I’m going to suggest one of these:

I want one.  Two, actually.  Maybe for Mother’s Day someone will ship me a product sample.  I promise I would blog about it.


For the other 50% of childhood plumbing problems, what you want is a pair of these:

Just reach in and grab your dropped object.  So much easier than taking the trap apart.  God bless my father-in-law, genius of a gift-giver.


On the same porch with the laundry line and the true table tennis, we have a collection of 2″ PVC pipe and fittings.  Just add a ping pong ball and you’ve got . . .


Well, that’s all for today.  It’s Link Day once again, one link per comment so you don’t get accidentally caught in the spam dungeon, where my long pliers reach rarely and reluctantly.  Guys you’re going to have to do better in the combox if you want to defeat the mom-bloggers.

11 thoughts on “3.5 Time Outs: Minecraft

  1. I like that toilet too.

    Completely off topic link here but I love it. International Wolf Center wolves howling. I’ve been to this place before and if anyone happens to find themselves in Northern Minnesota this place is a must see. Skip to 2:50 for nothing but the wolf howls.


    1. Love it. And hey, have you clicked over to Larry D.’s today? He is looking for suggestions on good modern Sci-Fi.

  2. Minecraft is my younger son’s obsession. He’s told me how he plans to make money with that game, and I might just let him try.

    And here’s my link for today – in keeping with the plumbing theme:

    1. Those things are so cool. The techno music, though. Wow. Totally changes the plumbing experience. I should try that at home.

      And yes. Minecraft is responsible for the boy’s sudden new interest in “doing something with computers” for a living. A much more practical plan than “weapons designer” or “military historian”, his previous two choices. Go Minecraft. We might get to retire after all.

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