A book cover, which means a final title. Woohoo!

We’re still in quarantine, and hopefully coming out soon.  I will clean out my inbox tomorrow, I promise.   Meanwhile, I got online this morning to send regrets for an event this afternoon, and there was a book cover in my inbox:

Classroom Management for Catechists – click twice to make it open as a PDF.

Woohoo!  So, looks like Classroom Management for Catechists is the final title on the book, yay. Easy to remember.  Or you could remember it as “that purple book”.  I’m sure your local Catholic bookstore owner will appreciate you asking to see all the purple books in stock.  Narrow it down by saying, “That purple book from Liguori, with the lady on the cover who’s wearing a clean white ruffly blouse while she paints with preschoolers, and it’s still clean, I want to be like her one day.”

(That lady is not me.  I advise you to wear an apron when painting with preschoolers. But think of it as an aspirational photo.  They didn’t do the “before” image.  If you’re buying my book, you probably have your own “before” images permanently seared in your memory, and are pursuing Memory Destruction Therapy in the hope that even though everyone else in your parish will never forget The Time They Let You Teach Kindergarten, maybe you can.)

My understanding — don’t hold me to this, because I’m working from a few conversations last August, and this news could change, is that the e-book will come out early spring (As soon as February? Maybe?), and the paperback for the “Fall 2013” line.  Apparently “Fall” is a loosely-used term in the publishing world, which can mean as early as, “I’m at the waterpark” or as late as “Help me shovel this snow.”

Now back to our regularly-scheduled Advent break.

4 thoughts on “A book cover, which means a final title. Woohoo!

  1. Yay! The cover loooks great, Jen! AMAZING! Who’s your publisher? Or are you taking the plunge & selfing it?

    Really exciting! BTW: How did you get the snow on your blog! It looks cool, no pun intended! 🙂

    God bless,

    John McNichol

  2. The books’s coming out from Liguori Publications. They’re sticking it as part of their Catechist Handbooks series, and the goal is to come in at a nice affordable price point. (I have an older book from the series that I think is 3.95? I asked them to try to hit $5 or less, and $10 or less at the very most, and they said they thought that was possible. We’ll see.) My goal was for it to be something parishes could buy in bulk and shove in the new-catechist folder, so I’m hopeful that’s what we’ll end up with.

    And yes, I love the snow. It’s a setting you click in WordPress (on the free version I’m using).

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