2 thoughts on “Bleg – Vancouver, WA?

  1. ….my wife, 7 children and I all live in Vancouver, WA! 🙂

    The best middle school in the area is a charter school called CAM. The grade schools are generally goof-up proof, as Vancouver is a significantly more conservative bedroom community compared to Portland.

    Image elementary is a school with a number of dedicated teachers, and good programs for talented and gifted students besides.

    Seton Catholic High School just opened its doors this year, and we are thus far very happy with it.

    We are in the Orchards neighborhood, and bought our home from the AHO company. The fellow there allowed us a discount on the house since we were at the time five children and two adults living in a 1000 square foot home. The area is a mix of new suburban homes and houses that were built when the area was in the middle of nowhere.

    Still, Orchards is quite safe and clean- I never have felt unsafe when I’m taking my 5am wolk/jog, so that’s something! 🙂

    God bless,

    John McNichol

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