Brought home a couple lousy books . . .

. . . wanted to let you know about it, because it does happen.  One was a medieval history by a reputable historian incapable of documenting his bizarre conjecture and innuendo.   Very weird.  The other was a local history booklet that was 98% Town Yearbook 1945, with all the editorial biases of the genre.  I was okay with it, actually, but I have a school-spirit deficiency, so it wasn’t a good match.

All that complaining to prove this: There are actually books I do not like.

I was beginning to feel a tad self-conscious, because I keep finding books that I do like.  As if I were a yearbook editor, just cheerin’ on everything that passes my desk.  Kind of refreshing to read 1.15 horrible books in the row.

So there you go.  I don’t need my books to be perfect.  I’ll give a ‘recommend’ rating to a book that has weaknesses, as long as it does what it sets out to do.  Assumes of course it sets out to do something worthwhile.  I guess maybe my standard is this: When I’m done with the book, am I glad I spent my time on it?

(And my secret review program technique for avoiding the obligation to write bad reviews — which I hate to do — is to try to pick books I already know are going to be good.  Sometimes they turn out better than expected, sometimes not quite as good as hoped.  But I do try to rig the system that way.  Not such an altruist that I’ll intentionally obligate myself to read a dubious book.  Which makes me super super glad that horrid to-remain-nameless medieval history was not on a review program choice list.  That would been very many pages of pain.  And I would have totally fallen for it.)

Silence Update: Reduced Silence

Not writing doesn’t seem to working out so well.  Tentative return to blogging, 80% chance of unpredictability.  No change on the decrepitude front since last update. Will observe my desk is fairly clean, and very functional.  Quite pleased with that little miracle.

Time for Silence

(From this morning’s first reading).  That time is upon us again.   Hands have gone AWOL, and typing is right out.  My review of The Salvation Controversy is written and awaiting a final edit with hyperlinks, so I will get that up when I can.  (Update: It’s up!) Otherwise, we’re on blog silence.

Update 10/14/10 – hands are 98% better, so long as I take it easy on them.  Yay.  But not typing much these days, still need to limit that.  Foot, btw, is still doing its wonky thing.  See doc again Tues for new ideas.  Meanwhile, school has never been better.  No really.  Turns it out homeschooling works better if you both stay *home*, and do *school*.  Go figure.

Possible to Attach a File?

Anyone happen to know if you can attach an excel spreadsheet somewhere on a wordpress blog?  You know, so we can do some exciting accounting? Actually because we were putting up the timeline in the hallway today, and I thought some of my readers might find it useful to borrow.

Speak up if you have the secret knowledge.



PS: Foot is doing way better.  I got my neighbor to mow my lawn, and within hours of him finishing, I was miraculously cured!  Well, not quite.  But I can walk on it normally (not limping!) for short distances.  Like inside-my-house short distances, not “2 miles” or “around the block” or anything crazy like that.

I will add in my defense: What I asked was, “May I borrow your riding lawnmower?”  What he said is “No way I am letting someone with your mechanical skills touch my beloved machine, I will do it myself.”  (Only he said it much more tactfully.)

Follow-on to the review below:

If you are a catholic blogger who needs a steady supply of free, top-notch spiritual reading, I see that the The Catholic Company is still accepting new reviewers.  Highly recommended program, well-run and I have never, ever, had any difficulty picking a new book from the list of available titles.  There are usually a dozen or more options across a wide variety of mostly non-fiction genres.  You pick one out, they ship it to you, you post your review, you pick a new one out.  Very well-run.

–> My next pick (so look for a review one of these days) is Jimmy Aiken’s The Salvation Controversy, which promises to set me straight on my TULIP problems.   Well-timed.

Also look for a review here of the DVD Father of Mercy, my first blog-review for Tiber River.  Finished watching it (once in English voice-over, then with much relief again in the original Italian), just need to type up my thoughts.  (Hint: I don’t pick lousy product.)

So that should be posted soon, assuming no more exciting sub-plots here at home.  Been one of those weeks, hehe.  And also maybe a review of John Hathaway’s Prayer CD “Hide Me In Your Wounds: Daily Prayer with the Saints”, soon as I get through the whole thing.

In real life: We’re doing a math-n-craziness theme at school this summer.  New school year starts August 15th, and I’m planning to pretty much hit it running from the get-go.  Oh and we joined the YMCA.  Man I love that place.

I was nominated for something !?!

Take a look:

I’m there under  “Best Under Appreciated Catholic Blog”.

I think there must be voting soon (nominations end May 1).  You could vote for me.  Which would be a way of find out, not whether I was the *best* under appreciated catholic blog, but more likely, whether I am the least-appreciated under-appreciated blog.  I think I have a better chance of winning that distinction.

Meanwhile I will have to cancel all plans to clean house and educate my children, so that I can write lots of articles for voters to appreciate.  Or not.

(PS: I’m so excited.  If the person who nominated me would kindly speak up, I’ll thank you in person.   Gosh, I might have to create a whole new link category: People Who Nominate Me for Blog Awards.  That would be fun.  Mighty fun.  UPDATE: Thank you Julie D. This is twice now I owe you your own link category.  And I see that you have more blogs than I knew.  Wow.   Putting the thinking cap on to come up with a good category title . . .)

About that international dateline . . .

I’m looking at my schedule for the weekend, and estimating that ‘Friday’ will show up on this blog sometime Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, my thought for the weekend:

How ’bout a square-feet-per-occupant guideline on that housing bailout?  Not persuaded that the bailing-out is the best way to proceed.   (Said by a person who is very keen on affordable housing and owner-occupied housing.)  But I’m certainly sympathetic to those who were faced with the choice of ‘if you want to own a home, you have to buy at this ridiculous price’.   We were fortunate not to have needed to relocate during the big bubble.

So my thought is this: If I am going to be subsidizing your housing, I would like it to be reasonable housing.  Kind of rankles to imagine someone went out and mortgaged a McMansion, and I have to pay taxes to make sure the poor folks don’t have to downsize to a house like . . . mine.  Just envy speaking, don’t mind me.

Plus I’m curious to see what the government would come up with as a ‘normal’ home.

Schedule will tentatively resume next week, topics may be a little disorderly until I catch up on the promised book reviews.  Tendons are not really better, but I think the pitiful amount of writing I do here isn’t going to be a problem.  We’ll see.  Meanwhile, please pray for the repose of the soul of Michael Dubruiel, and the consolation of his family.