Christian Art

Gryphon Rampant Grapic Arts.  Exceedingly cool.  Click and go see.

–> Link courtesy of John McNichol, source of much coolness, whom had I had the great pleasure of meeting during the momcation.  It will not surprise you to learn that the lovely Mrs. McNichol is herself a delightfully interesting catholic-mom person, as I had long suspected.


And as long as we’re doing a celebrity round-up, Bishop Elizondo, who confirmed the nieces, Wow!  What a guy.   I generally  do not go in for clergy-watching, but my goodness that man has a gift.   Very happy.  Spot-on.  Real pleasure to have been there.

And yes, that was *my* niece arguing with him when he quizzed the kids during the homily. Makes an aunt proud.  (I told her she did the right thing.  Cause she did.  Good girl that one.)




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