Come See Me Listen!

If you subscribe to all the right diocesan newspapers, you might have seen this advertisement: 09052013 St Francis Shop ad.

Summary: You should attend On Fire with Faith.  Not to hear me speak, but to watch me listen to the likes of this guy. Who is way smarter than me.  And thus I quote him in my book, which you could get signed in between workshops, when I wander over to indulge my preponderant vice, spending too much money on books*.

Sheesh – get it signed by both of us, and get Christian’s book** signed, too.  I’m not speaking. I’m listening.  Good slate of presentations.

The Bible Tells Me So

*People have figured this out about me.  Remember that birthday party situation?  I didn’t plan it this way, but it turns out large numbers of people figured the best solution to their penance problem was to spend alms getting me gift certificates for the local Catholic bookstore***.  Smart friends! So now, to shop.  Must make self wish list.

**Christian’s book is at least as good as mine.

***A few people picked up on some of my other vices — coffee, tea, chocolate, scotch, wine, alternative book-buying locations, etc.  I had no idea you got presents at grown-up birthday parties.  Kind of overwhelming.  I have the coolest friends.

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