Help! I’m homeschooling a six-year-old! Up at

My first article’s up at – Yay!.  Go read.  Natural follow-on to Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur’s column on How to Homeschool your Preschool Child, which you can treat as a pre-req. I think people run into trouble by thinking “1st grade” = “High School Lite”, when really it’s more like the final glorious days of preschool in all their imaginative, bigger-than-life power.

Jon & I noticed the other night that several of our kids have gone through a Terribly Tired phase right around six.  So if your junior hiker has just announced, “I was not made for walking”, take a deep breath and just work around it for a couple years.  Sometime in the sevens the big-kid-legs seem to show up, and the stamina returns.

BTW, Lisa Hendey has a nice collection of homeschool links on her homeschooling page.  Worth a look and maybe a bookmark.

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