Joe Wetterling – Ho Kai Paulos – It’s Up!


Joe Wetterling, who is one of my all-time favorite presenters for the Catholic Writers Guild, has relaunched his catechetical website, Ho Kai Paulos.  Which means something to some of you, and the rest of us can look here for the explanation.  I always have to remind myself it’s not a Hawaiian island or a Korean pork dish.  (But there could eventually be a mixed drink by the name, I’m sure.)

Joe W. makes my favorites list because he’s well-read, and insightful, and hilarious, and as best I can tell a nice guy on top of all that.  He re-opens his site with a 101 on Objective vs. Subjective.  Which reminds me of the other thing I like about the guy: He explains things that matter in plain English. If you need to bring a catechist up to speed, this is the place.

3 thoughts on “Joe Wetterling – Ho Kai Paulos – It’s Up!

  1. Thanks for the link. I firmly believe that the predominant fight for truth currently revolves around the confusion about subjective and objective statements. Quite frequently, I hear objective statements being dismissed with responses that are only appropriate for subjective statements. “The man is dead!” “Oh, well, if you see it that way.” It’s infuriating.

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