Pavlov’s Rosary

Every time I sit down to pray, my dog brings me an object for fetch.   She was not very appreciative last night when I tried to explain that it was cold and dark now, and that I refuse to throw a frisbee in my bedroom.

(What does this say about my prayer life?  A.  I am still.  B.  I have at least one hand free.)

So today I made a point of tackling the ol’ rosary earlier in the day, when I could still pray outdoors.

–> Yes, that is where I stand on the piety-meter.  The Lord has sent me a german-shepherd-mix to help prevent excessive procrastination.  Very gentle about it.  All cute eyes and respectfully dropping the flying object closer and closer.   How could I not want to pray with a partner like that?

Or perhaps the Lord has sent me a rosary to make me get out and play with my dog more.

UPDATE: Edited to add a photo.  But I promise I am not turning into a pet-blogger.  No really.  Just seriously goofing off.

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