Small Success Thursday – Halloween

1.  I made it through the interview sounding mostly like myself.  Which is accurate if not always flattering. I haven’t listened, but I have it on good authority that’s how it panned out.

2.  Wrote this post to follow-up: Halloween, Playfulness & GK Chesterton.  I’m not sure whether my new approach at the blorg,of doing part essay – part book review (or snippet), is going to make my boss happy, or irritated, or nothing at all.  But it’s more fun than straight reviews.  I almost always have a book to go with a rant.  I’m reliable that way.

3.  We’re painting pumpkins.  Which means we:

(a) Obtained pumpkins.

(b) Attempted to carve them.

(c) Realized it was futile.

I like the painted thing better, honestly.

4.  Not only did I deskavate last week, I fully cleaned the entire study.  Yes.  For who don’t know, my study was sort of like that situation with the trash barge full of hazardous waste being parked in international waters waiting for someone to accept it.  And then, one day, cleaning fairies came and made all the garbage magically disappear, and left an organized work space in its place.   Not a small success.  But I cheat and post it here anyway.

5. I keep forgetting to write my seven takes for tomorrow’s giveaway.  Luckily it’s a feast day and I don’t have to be anywhere until noon.  So I can do it last minute.  If you find yourself take-stalking, just be patient, there’s no advantage to entering early.

2 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday – Halloween

  1. I need to deskavate SO badly!! My desk is in the living room, so everybody gets to see my mess, which has spilled over the sides of the desk and is in a few piles on the floor and on one of the kids’ little rocking chairs.

    1. You can do it. I had probably 10 cubic feet of compressed mish-mash on, under, and around my desk. I had to set up a banquet table in the front hall to hold it all — half on the table, half under and around — in order to sort, file, and discard.

      My secret: Re-arrange the living room furniture, then empty the whole office into the hall way. If the spouse comes homes, sees I’ve rearranged the living room but NOT cleaned the study, he’s gonna lose it. Magic, I get it done.

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