Welcome, Go Away, and a Book Worth Reading

1. First of all, a warm welcome to the many readers who have popped in from Fr. L’s blog (or elsewhere).  Make yourself at home!

2. Secondly, The home you’re making yourself comfortable in is mine.  Let me remind you, I wrote a book on classroom management. I don’t put up with a whole lotta nonsense.  I will happily tackle thorny issues on this blog.  I will not mince words.  I will take on the honest opponent, and skewer what ideas need skewering.  But we don’t skewer people, and we don’t post rude personal attacks that are contrary to the dignity of the human being.


If I’ve tossed your comment into the trash, I haven’t banned you, you are always welcome to try again with better behavior.

And I do try to stick to my own rule, and will apologize and retract if you catch me crossing the line from vigorous debate to disrespect and ad hominem attacks.  Because sure, I’m human, I can get carried away just like anyone else.

3. Look, I wrote something!  My review of Sam Rocha’s book A Primer of Philosophy and Education, with favorite quotes and my personal thoughts on how Sam’s ideas relate to catechesis is up in two places:

Whichever you prefer.  It fit both spots, so I stuck it at both, and only the titles are different.  (So hey, click both links, so that you can be amazed by my incredible versatility in title-composing.)

4. Over at Catholic Writers Guild, I put up my latest update on the state of affairs at the CWG, VP-edition.  The coolest part is this photo:

File:Black hole.jpg

I love Wikimedia Commons.

Photo: By Chaos at ar.wikipedia (Transfered from ar.wikipedia) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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