3.5 Takes: More Things to Read

Thanks once again to our host Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy, who kept me entertained for many happy minutes on my flight to Texas, with a snippet of his NaNoWriMo work. It’s gonna be good, when he has the whole thing ready for public consumption.


1.  I forgot to tell you last week, I think: Part 1 of my reversion story is up at NewEvangelizers.com.  Part 2 coming next month.

2. Also I think I forgot to tell you: Last week at AmazingCatechists.com, I told everyone that they really need to know about Ela Milewska.  If you don’t already know, maybe you should go look.  But probably only if you care about evangelizing young people.

3. I’m live-blogging the conference over at CWG.  You do want to know where I ate lunch, don’t you?  Isn’t that what the internet’s for? So you can know these things?

3.5 LIGUORI!  I told you I’d shout.  Contract is signed, manuscript submitted, even got the SuperHusband to borrow some flashes from work and make me an official Author Photo.  (He doesn’t do soft-focus — hazard of marrying a guy whose job is to make the machinery look all crisp and bright – no one puts soft-focus fiber-optic cable in their brochures.  So, yeah. I’m not sixteen, and we’re not using Adobe to change that.)

I’m pretty stoked about going with Liguori, because everything I’ve seen from them is a lot of value for the reader’s dollar.  Which appeals to my inner accountant, parish-finance-version.  And my local Catholic bookstore speaks well of their relationship, and that was a must-have on my list.  So yeah.  Exciting.

Double exciting part: Did I mention my manuscript is no longer in my hands, and now my editor gets to work on it for a change? Because after a year or so of living with this thing, I’m really ready for someone else’s brain to hurt, and not mine for a few weeks.


It’s link day.  Surely people don’t come here on a Tuesday to read about me.  Post your links in the combox.  And have a great week!

8 thoughts on “3.5 Takes: More Things to Read

  1. Congratulations on the contract!! Any idea on when it’ll hit the newsstands?

    I’m looking forward to the live blogging – I’ll be following along.

    I’m glad you liked the first chapter. I can stop gnawing my gnails gnow.

    And here’s today’s link: http://xkcd.com/1087/ (look real hard – you’ll see the joke!)

    1. Talk about a real problem solving moment, right? And the use of a very strong man! Thankfully all involved exercised enough intelligence to assess the situation and even accepting the seemingly wacky though temporary solution so that the woman could be properly diagnosed and treated.

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