7 Very Quick Takes: Home Again

Thanks to our host Jen Fulwiler at Conversion Diary.  I never was much of a joiner, but having two days a week to anchor my blogging helps me keep writing.

Pray for Allie Hathaway then go take a look at the other takes.


Going on vacation will crush your inbox.  I’m working through my backlog.  If I owe you something and you don’t hear from me by Monday, send me another e-mail?


We went to Mob Museum.  It is silly expensive, but once inside you quickly see where the money went.  A bit over the top, but loaded with info and good exhibits.  Focused 98% on your basic model 20th century American Mafia, with a strong orientation for what happened in Vegas that sent kickbacks all over the country.  No monkeying around with glamorizing crime.  Not suitable for young children, but well worth a visit if you have teens.  Serious dose of reality.

A note on the location: I minded the $5 parking fee, until I came to my senses.  Because that guy under the umbrella collecting your money?  He’s watching your car the whole time.  And not leaving you to walk across an empty parking lot all alone.  Because it’s not the loveliest part of town.


My new favorite Las Vegas site is the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.  Fabulously awesome.   Well worth the admission fee.


I read most of Sarah R.’s new book on the plane.  Wow, what a tearjerker.  Very moving.  Not a regular pregnancy book.  Highly recommended.


When I’m out in the desert I’m in love with the desert.  But how refreshing to be back in the land where the trees grow like weeds.


Patriotic thoughts:

6A: I’m thinking of taking my niece to the Torchlight Tattoo.

6B: Julie at Happy Catholic has been writing about religious freedom every day of the fortnight.


Hey, we should have a quick novena for Sandra of this combox and Larry L., who are getting married a week from tomorrow.  In observance of the Week of Pre-Wedding Misery, which can only be made more fun by hosting a slew of Yankee relatives in this heat.  Hey, St. Laurence would be perfect, huh?  And let’s see . . . any thoughts on a good second saint for the daily litany? St. Katharine Drexel comes to mind — she was a northerner who did good things in the South. Any other votes?


I love these.  Can’t help myself.  Solar powered:

Everybody needs at least one Asian relative. I’m convinced.



Spring Ranch courtesy of Nevada State Parks [Public Domain]

Good luck cat courtesy of Amazon.com.

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