Bleg: Which Calendar?

I need a new calendar.

The current one has these features, which must stay:

  • Week-at-glance
  • 6.5″ x 9.5”, and not fat.  Fits in a purse.  I could go as large as a spiral bound notebook, depending.
  • A place to stuff odd papers.  I guess I could duct tape one of these on, if I find the almost-perfect calendar.
  • Punch-dot corner thingie so it’s easy to find where you are (some other equivalent technology is acceptable in theory).
  • Not silly expensive.

I don’t need to impress anyone. I don’t need it to inspire or entertain.   Ideally it would not have goofy cartoon characters on it.  It can be academic year or calendar year or tax year or whatever.  But here’s what I do need:


The multi-tasking around here has exceeded the capacity of the current calendar.  I need a place I can stick a grocery list and about ten different independent-of-each-other to-do lists.  They are not the ready-made lists that come with “Family Organizers”, unless your family organizer has pre-made tabs for “Manuscripts to Edit” “Notes – Book A” “Notes – Book B” . . . “Catechism Prep” “Creatures Needing Medical Attention” “Figure Out Why The Tomatoes All Rotted” etc.

The all-purpose running to-do list isn’t covering it any more.  So I guess I’m looking for one of those binder-ish calendars, that lets you can add in your own tabs and sections and stuff?

(Curiously, my mother had one of those by the time she was my age.  Go figure.)

So:  What do you, or your spouse, or your secretary, or that other sort-of-pulled-together person you know (but not the super-organized neat-n-tidy one) like to use?  Recommend away.



PS: I do not care about your digital device.  I will be very patient and kind if you must tell me about your little electronic love.  But I’m a paper person.  Tried digital several times, no luck. My brain is not made for that.  Paper.  Paper.


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