causes for rejoicing

Two links that are no help at all to those of us who lack a little in the Lenten Spirit department:

Ed Peters explains why you can eat meat this Friday.  (Hint: Solemnity of St. Joseph.)

And then Ruth of Wheelie Catholic fame has a blog to make NBC blush — paralympic coverage better than you got last month for the other olympics.  You can click on the link in her sidebar to watch live.

[Sadly, there was neither sound nor captioning when I tuned in to a hockey game, so I do not know the story behind the player being rolled off the ice in a stretcher.  Am I consoled or discouraged with  yet more evidence that hockey is basically rugby for cold places?  I do not like the cold, but I sure would like hockey.]

BTW, book review coming soon.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

So many vices, so little time . . .


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