Google Share Drama, Episode 3: Twitter

Ha.  Using my special idiot powers, I, um, forgot about Twitter.  Made myself a new twitter account JenFitz_Reads devoted to just tweeting links to stuff I’ve read and liked.  Put a feed in my sidebar, and of course those desperate to know what I’m reading can subscribe directly. [Update, if you already subscribe to my regular twitter compendium, I just set up the reading list to flow into that one.  So don’t follow both.]

A little clunkier than the old share button, but it works, and it double-works for things I find not in Reader.  (Or Bloglines, which I experimented with).  For the moment I’m using the Diigolet share button for things that don’t have a tweet button of their own.  Maybe there is an easier way?

We’ll see how it goes.

And yes.  OCD.  Must. promote. good. writing.  Quarter break ends soon.  The internet will be happier I’m sure.

7 thoughts on “Google Share Drama, Episode 3: Twitter

  1. I was getting nervous. Yeah, I don’t know. That part doesn’t bother me too much — I mean something can look funny, and I guess you get used to it after a while. I try to reserve the pinnacle of grumpiness for people who try to thwart my plans with their ridiculous “running my company without ever consulting Mrs. Fitz” notions.

  2. There’s a trend of companies getting all confident about running their companies, have you noticed?
    Netflix (Quickster?)
    Bank of America ($5 card fees)
    Facebook (yikes)
    Safeway (the pregnant mom/sandwich thing went viral)

    It is a bit amazing and more than a little frightening that social media is pulling a lot of influence in the world these days. If enough people scream about it, will it force a change, whether it’s good or bad? Will this feed the entitlement era? (Um, YES?)

    How’s that for a hijack?

  3. What I love about the internet, is that facebook, google, all these can go the way of AOL in an instant, if they don’t hold it together. It is painless to just drift away when someone comes along offering a better service. And without the craziness of brick-and-mortar business cycles, as far is empty strip malls and zoning debates and all that.

    I like the improved communication of social media. I think it is good.

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