Home Again

And happy to be here.  On the agenda for this week:

  1. Finish out the Family Honor course.  Funny how being on the road for ten days will cut into homework time.
  2. Get over this lovely cold I brought home from VA, so that I’m fit for society come Friday – parish homeschooling group’s kick-off Mass and pot luck.  (Yes, prayers appreciated.)
  3. Make a respectable showing for first week of school.  So far, so acceptable.  Despite two sick kids and one very welcome but perhaps a tiny bit bored house guest.
  4. Catch up on 10,000 post-conference to-do items.
  5. Write stuff.
  6. Other things I can’t remember right now.

In good news:

A.  The conference was excellent.  Seriously fun.  Loved it.  Met and re-met a bazillion very cool people.  Presentations went well (I’m told), gave out a pile of books, and confirmed that yes, my handwriting is that bad.

B.  Local Catholic bookstore tells me they’ve already sold 25 copies of the new book.  In a couple days.  Typically they do not sell 25 copies of any given book.  Luckily they laid in a big stash. (Why yes, you can order my book by the case of 100.)

C.  I re-read the book.  It’s really good.  My copy-editor and I disagree on which set of comma rules are the ideal set, but if you are like me and are a bit thrown by Liguori’s style sheet, let me just challenge you: There is a set of rules they are following, and it is logical and all that.  So I tentatively approve, even though when I’m the editor, I use the list Jen Fulwiler put up on Pinterest the other week.  (Um, no link, I’m being speedy here, you just go search “Jen Fulwiler” + “pinterest” + “comma rules”.)

Back to homework.  If I owe you an e-mail, my goal is to be caught up with all pressing internet chores by the end of the week.  Phone if it’s urgent.

Updated to toss in a picture and a link, because I see my side bar is having a bad book day.  Picture of the book here:

Classroom Management for Catechists

And link to Liguori’s site, where at this very moment (9:45 AM on 8/13) they are showing $3.50 for the sales price.  Half off. Sheesh.  Crazy marketing people.  (I approve!)

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