Indoor Plumbing

I am largely persuaded that indoor plumbing is Wonderful Thing.  However I noticed today one of the side-effects: the demise of outdoor plumbing.

I, being one of those old-fashioned mothers, send my children out to play.  As in “go outside and stay outside”.   I use often use this playtime to do activities better done without loud, slovenly, inquisitive bystanders.  (There’s me of course, loud, slovenly & inquisitive; but I haven’t figured out how to, say, pay the bills with *me playing outside* too.)

It is my understanding that mothers have operated this way for millenia.   And I do not envy my forbears in their rustic simplicity.  Just don’t.  But, I’ve noticed a modern bladder problem.  Children who can hold it for twelve hours straight suddenly need to visit the facilities every ten minutes if There Is A Parent Inside.

And then I realize:  Hmmn.  Outdoor plumbing.  It had it’s uses.


And next I think: What did people do before wasp spray?  If anyone knows, do tell.  I’m curious.  Because wasps seem like they would really love a good latrine.  And my rule is that any place I am exposing my flesh is not a place a wish to share my little wasp friends.  So I’m wondering how people used to address that inevitable clash with the stinging-set over who gets to use the facilities.

2 thoughts on “Indoor Plumbing

  1. My kids seem to play AT the door, you know how that goes? They’re technically outside, but they’re talking through the screen, etc. And then I shoo them away, just as I’d shoo away that wasp.

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