Insomnia Hazards

Wednesday afternoon I think I accidentally used regular instead of decaf.  Someone maybe should consider “reading the label” as a useful habit, hmmn.  So about midnight I got out of bed, roamed around a little, and landed on what I was sure would be the perfect cure:

Diagramming Sentences. Don't Let It Keep You Up at Night.


It didn’t work.  I read the WHOLE THING.  And learned how to diagram, I might add.  Nicely done book, highly recommended.

Then I skimmed the New Missal Latin book, also pulled from our box of Kolbe-ware, and then I was able to go to sleep.  Sneaky coffee, causing me to be educated.

But here’s the worst part.  So the next afternoon, I was writing up my little entry for the campground blog, and you’ll never believe what happened me: I felt compelled to put both a subject and a verb into every sentence.

You can see it has worn off now.  But wow, for a while it was close.  Careful what you read.  It could mess with your grammar.


Funny grammar story: Once I refused to sign a petition, because it did not contain complete sentences.  I couldn’t figure out what it was we were demanding.  I inquired, but my fellow activist was strangely silent.  I think he decided he didn’t need a rabble-rouser on his team after all.

7 thoughts on “Insomnia Hazards

  1. Maybe I can use the distaste for bad grammar to convince my picky, picky, picky husband to end his newfound passion for political activism. Thus far, the lack of fashion sense on his side has not been enough to sway him. I mean honey, Clairol Natural Instincts and a $15 cut at SuperCuts just would not hurt.

    And yes I am that shallow.

      1. Jen, political activism as in attending rallies in a city 70 miles away three of the last seven weekends. Spending three of the last Sundays collecting signatures for a recall petition. Plans for the next two Saturdays in 1. Madison (70 miles) and 2. Steven’s Point (140 miles).

        I miss my husband. Although this mistress is better than a human one.

        And no, the often misspelled signs (oh the irony of it all) has not been enough to deter him – he, who rails about the decline of civilization when he sees a misspelling in the paper.

  2. Except for God, the most interesting thing in the world is grammar. Consider that grammar is the operating system for your brain; now speak another language for a bit.

    That frisson you get is the brain imagining itself with a whole ‘nother OS.

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