Not a cooking blog, but . . .

. . . Nothing says “solemnity” like bacon on a Friday.

To my complete astonishment, SuperHusband liked this recipe so much he suggested I write it down for posterity.  Here’re the notes from the spreadsheet where I store such inventions:

Bacon Parsnip Topping
Makes a savory-sweet bruschetta-style topping for salad or toast.
Ingredients I used:
Bacon – fresh from package in deli section, thick-cut
Parnsips – whole
(Sample portions: 1/2 package bacon, two parsnips, six small radishes.)
Heat pan on high / medium high
Dice bacon, into pan, cook while prepping parsnips
peel and dice parsnips, into pan, toss.
clean & dice radishes, into pan, toss.  (radishes may be optional.)
Toss ingredients, cook uncovered.  Lower heat so that it cooks steadily, but doesn’t splatter or burn.
Cook until parsnips are soft and carmelizing to the point of sweetness.
Can keep warm on very low heat until ready serve, only gets better.  At our house: 6pm dinner time delayed until 8pm because certain children were still finishing homework.  Perfect.
Prep green salad, fresh vinagrette.
Suggested toppings for salad: carrot slivers, optional cheese or nuts, other vegetables / fruits to taste.  SuperHusband had his plain green with the tiniest bit of gorgonzola, I added a fistful of carrot slivers to mine.  Romaine tonight, but any decent green would do.
Salad into bowl, then bacon-topping, then small amount of dressing (recall: Vinaigrette. Ours is real vinegar, olive oil, soy sauce, miscellaneous other.)
Serve with fresh buns / bread / toast, warmed.  We had ancient Aldi-brand ciabbatta buns salvaged from the back of the garage refrigerator, not far from where the dissected frog awaits further inspection on the shelf below.  Revives well — yay Aldi. Can use topping on toast, bruschetta-style.

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