Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

My December CatholicMom.com post got picked by Catholic Lane, and then by Big Pulp.it.

a) Why yes, I am wildly excited.

b) Why yes, I did intentionally go check just to see if the Pulp.it picked it up, because I knew that although the odds were not great, I would be wildly excited if they did.

c) And they did.

In real life: The mild sore-throat thing turned hard-core evil.  SuperHusband’s been felled, which is actually helping school stay on track, because when he’s awake, he says to any moving child, “Have you done your school work?” and they quick go look busy.  We’re doing that in shifts.  And my first grader can read.

Bleg #1: What are your favorite late-elementary aged, non-specific learning disabilities, help-me-learn-to-read resources?  I have a real-life friend asking.  4th grader, strong auditory skills, still waiting on the school to get their act together and evaluate difficulties on the visual processing and motor skills end, per mom’s reports, meanwhile mom wants to do what she can in the afternoons, without spending $ frivolously.

Bleg #2: Favorite readable, top-quality, Catholic resources for chastity, sexuality, NFP, Theology of the Body, all-that-stuff, target audience is parents and kids in late elementary – high school*.  Because I talked someone into letting me write a review round-up of resources, and I know what I think I’m going to cover, but you might know about something I’ve missed.  Need to have my media in hand by the first of January so I can read and review and write for an early February deadline.

*The answer is not Love and Responsibility.  We’re talking readable.  Things you leave on the back of the toilet, and your teenager sits down and reads the whole book, because it was interesting, made sense, and was an effective way to stall at doing the dishes.  That genre.


7 thoughts on “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

  1. Congrats on your triumphs! Re your friend’s son…tell her to check around for a book on the Orton Gillingham method. My son is dyslexic. Reading was insufferable to watch him struggle with. Fortunately our school had an on staff resource teacher (I hear they keep 3 busy now) who is trained in this method. Its not hard and it makes a huge difference. My son is now a Junior in high school, consistantly on honor roll, an athlete in multiple sports, robotics club AND takes honors classes. Im so sorry that poorlittle guy goto 4 th grade without good help. Sounds like he’s tough…he will be a good OG learner 🙂

        1. I had a ton of luck, just googling. Very helpful as far as confirming what the best route was, and I was able to go down to the local homeschool bookstore and pick out a few resources to get started. Thank you so much!

  2. My godchild in 3rd grade was having a terrible time reading, when her teacher suggested having her tested for Irlen Syndrome. Bingo! With the correct colored filters, she now reads at grade level or above.

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