Or not.

I downgraded from “sick but we can work with this” to “call the ambulance” about an hour after I sent the retreat lady the e-mail that I was gonna bring the spouse to help out with the heavy lifting but otherwise it was a go.  Sheesh that annoys me.  So the back-up plan in place is that I send all the cool notes and stuff, and a local guy pretends he’s me :-).

Which means it will still be a very good retreat, which is the important thing.  Might even be a better retreat, you never know who the local guy’ll be.

Meanwhile what I’ve learned:

  • County Hospital food is not actually like prison food, but there is a passing resemblance.
  • I like Facebook.  I really like Facebook.
  • I have the coolest friends and family.

At this writing I’m now home, not dead, and feeling great as long as I sit still.  Also, all labs confirm I’m the healthiest sick person on the face on the planet.  Hoping for a dx by the end of the week, and meanwhile am sitting still and knocking out this and that writing stuff, in between catching up with folks, see: coolest friends and family.

Have a good week!

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