Out in the real world . . .

I’m submerged.  (All good, more or less.)

Also very grateful for the contributions thus far in the “what to do with the accused” discussion below.  Please join in if you have not already, though I’m going to be in and out over the next week or so, so if you are brand new to posting here, just wait patiently until I sneak online and get your comment approved.

If you want something useful to read, check out Christian LeBlanc’s post on how Bible translations are used to support the theology of the translators.  Required reading for, mmn, everyone.

If you’re a shameless Tollefsen fan, gee I’m only 10 days late in pointing out Chris T’s latest on Public Discourse.  It’s him explaining to other philosophers about why one ought to continue to care for severely severely disabled persons.  [No opinion of my own on the merits of the arguments presented.  I tend to stick to whatever the catechism says.  So of course I come to the same conclusion, though more directly if less profoundly.]

And look: John Hathaway’s having a CD sale.

Lotta other good stuff happening on the internet, I’m sure.  Feel free to post links in the combox, because wow I don’t think I’m going to have time to write any of the 10,000 things I wish I had time to write right now.  Have a great week.

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