Praying for a Miraculous Cure . . .

. . . of my ability to manage paperwork.

Not kidding.  Not being cute or flippant.  Totally mean it, have totally prayed for it, and promised God that if He came through, I would not forget where my help came from nor fail to give credit.

Because yeah, it’s that desperate.   I am no star pupil in the housekeeping department, but the other kinds of messes I can more or less manage, if only spasmodically.  Papers have me stumped.  Totally blown away.

And yes, I am an accountant.  I love love accounting theory.  Give me some sordid out-of-balance problem, and I am all over it like a little financial P.I.  Tell my you need xyz report from some bizarre, disobedient accounting software, and I will find a way to give you your data.   I even — sit down for this — *enjoy* doing my taxes.  In fact my tax file looks pretty good.

–> It’s all the other papers that are killing me.

So anyway, that’s what I’m praying for these days.  And working on from my end.  So far God has helped me move a few little rolling-hills at the foot of the mountain, which I take to be a good start.  But I had to post here as part of the bargain.  So that if one day I’m this super amazing organized lady with beautiful files and a shiny desk-top, you can remind me that it was through no talent of my own that I got to be that way.

2 thoughts on “Praying for a Miraculous Cure . . .

  1. Ah, we have the paperwork thing going on at our house. Mountains and mountains of it, on nearly every horizontal surface! Crazy!

    One thing we just did that I am so dorkily thrilled about: we had an unused corner of our kitchen (blocked by garage door opening on one side, bathroom door on the other side; truly unusable space) and we installed those wall-mounted vertical letter bins on each corner, along with a double hook. So now each kid has a place for his backpack, jacket (eventually) and homework/paperwork. Forms and papers I need to sign are left out and the whole shebang is ready to go in the morning! It hasn’t solved everything, but it’s going to help a lot!

  2. Hey Steph!

    That is very cool.

    I think my number one killer item is memorabilia. Just want to own a little Fitz family museum. Not realistic. But very time-intensive to sort through, and really we don’t have a resolution on what to do with it all, so it’s hard to know how to tackle.

    And then of course all the junk I can’t be bothered with. That’s our other problem. Too busy doing other more interesting things.

    Good to hear from you. Yay paperwork success.


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