Happy New Year!


I  finally thought up some reading resolutions for 2012.  Usually mine work opposite — I resolve not to read things.  But this year is different.  I resolve to read:

1. The children’s homework.  Every day.

2. The children’s reading assignments*.  Most of the time.  (Thank you Teacher’s Manuals for the rest of the time.)

3. Book review books right away.  Even if His Holiness is not actually as exciting as an American Girl Mystery.

4. The mail.  From that red box thing at the end of the driveway that USPS visits 6 days a week.  Just because it’s on paper doesn’t mean it’s not important.


Non-reading resolutions:

1. Permanently place a recycle bin next to the USPS mailbox?  For all the stuff that needs to not come into house?

2.  Be nicer to people.

3.  Everything else.**




* “Learn Latin” is the unwritten 2A on this one.  I think we’re at that point where I can’t keep faking much longer.

**This is the one that never seems to work out.



10 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. ….I frequently make resolutions, but I wish I could pick ones like yours…(Hey! It’s SNOWING on your blog! Cool!)…ones which actually stood a chance of being followed through on. 🙂

    God bless…glad to see you found Cactus games!

    1. That’s the “everything” — it amounts to, “And here are fifty other things that need improvement as well”. I usually make those. Not a real high success rate in keeping them.

      Snow – yes! I couldn’t resist. (I think it goes away Jan 4th. Sled now.)

      Cactus Games – Yes, I followed your clues and found them. Neat place.

      BTW, am enjoying the 12 Days of GKC. Love it.

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