Seven Things before Texas

So one of the reasons I’m so crazy busy right now is because of the Catholic Writers Conference coming up at the end of the month.  So I was going to write one thing about that, but it’s that day, so I’m going to see if there are seven.

1.  The one thing: If you are going to be in Arlington, TX the week of August 27 – September 1st and you read here, please find me and say hello?  I’m sorta shy and I can’t keep names or faces straight, and also I stink at small talk.  (Teaching? No problem.  Public Speaking?  No problem.  It’s thinking up random things to say when nobody has any questions I need to answer, that’s what kills me.)

So what you do is you look for the Catholic Writers Guild people, and you ask around until you find me (I’ll be volunteering, so there will be someone who can find me), and then you say:

“Hi Jen, I’m _[it doesn’t matter too much what you say here, so you could make something up — really a functional description is better than a name, you know?]__, and I read your blog.  And now since you stink at small talk, I’ve thought up some things to say, or else I have some questions, or else look, I see you rented your daughter’s camera, maybe someone could take our picture with it [I am NOT photogenic — you want the other Jen F. for that, but she has a long line, you know?].”

Or you could say:

“I’m just as introverted and lousy at small talk as you are.  Maybe even worse.  How about if we just stand near each other?”

That would be great.  Anyway, I really do like meeting people.  I remember people.  Not their names, and not their faces, but them.  Because you know, you aren’t your name or your face, you’re you.  You have this whole story.  And I do remember that.  Totally. And I love to hear it.  So if you’re in Texas when I’m in Texas, find me.

2.  You know how bad I am at that whole face-recognition thing?  I was reading Why Students Don’t Like School by David  Daniel Wallingham, and there was this picture of a set of identical twins to illustrate some point.  And I thought: Those are twins?  Really?  They just look like these two guys.  I guess they’re the same-looking.  Or not.  I dunno.

Useful book, though.

3.  So, Texas.  I’m going.  I give up, I’m not making seven this week.  Back to work.  Have a great weekend!


Oh wait, look, we haven’t prayed for Allie Hathaway in a long time.  Give her #’s 4 and 5, and her dad 6 & 7.  That worked.  Thanks!

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