The Better Part

This year both of our candidates for governor were close to my own age.  Would have known them at school, if I had gone to the other state U.   So the election forced the same thoughts as whenever I read the alumni news blurbs in the back of the ol’ college newsletter.

–> Having laid aside my career-ish activities a decade ago, I am always surprised, and a touch envious, of how much  my classmates have accomplished since then.  Partner of this law firm, director of that state agency, etc. etc.  Naturally no one’s sending in announcements along the lines of “Bill Smith, BA Philosphy 1994, was recently promoted to assistant-janitor at Target Store #3581 . . .” — I know there are plenty of us non-accomplishers, and we keep our news a little lower-profile.

Being a homeschooling mom, there’s no real credential to report.  Everyone (who can) has got kids, everyone manages to educate their kids.  Homeschooling isn’t some guarantee of a superior child-product:  I know plenty of great teens out there who grew up attending the local public schools, both parents working full-time.

On a good day, though, I’m Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, while the other ladies bustle in the background.  It’s sort of selfish, honestly.  My peers are running the wider world, and I’m sitting out on the patio table reading Beatrix Potter to a six-year-old.  It’s a sacrifice yes.  Give up something good in order to have something better.

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