Timeline Update – zut.

Nuts.  I logged out of google so I could view the timeline as an anonymous viewer.  Which worked.  Then I downloaded the file to my PC as an excel document.  Formatting was a little weird.  I had to expand the first two rows row heights to make them show up properly.  Then mess with the page layout setting to get it ready to print nicely.

Hmmn and then I tried printing directly from the google file.  It would only ‘print’ into a PDF, not my printer.  (That could be a personal problem.)  And the PDF file doesn’t quite work, because the cell labels don’t overwrite blank cells, and the page breaks cut up my centuries.

So, er, it’s a great timeline spreadsheet. For anyone who knows how to work a spreadsheet well enough they could have made their own anyway.  Hint: Look at mine on google for ideas, then quick go make your own at home.

Did I mention I was so bored the other night I watched TV?

(No and I’m still not blogging.  This is all your imagination.)

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