3.5 Time Outs: Not Chicken

Thanks once again to our host, Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy, who must have conspired to trick me into posting today.

Click and be amazed.


The reason I’m posting is because in my ten minutes of goofing off, I found this link for you, via Allie’s dad:  This is the Allie Hathaway for whom you’ve been praying. See?  Totally worth it.


Since the arrival of the chickens, I’ve been noticing how much better we understand the English language now that we have two hens in our yard.  So here’s the discovery today:  Our chickens, who are indeed chicken when it comes to many things, managed to scare away the cat.  Because apparently, in addition to being catty (which we knew – ouch), she’s also a fraidy-cat.  I guess that tells you how to rank your insults, when measuring cowardice.


I already knew, before Sunday, that Brandon who writes at Siris is the smartest guy I read.  (I only read him some of the time — he exceeds me mightily more often than I like.)

But so, here’s the thing, and I’m not sure how bloggable this is, because I don’t want to embarrass too many philosophers in one day, or alienate real-life friends . . . I had a different philosopher tell me this, and I paraphrase:  “I noticed sometimes you link to Brandon’s blog.  He’s the smartest guy I know.  He teaches at this community college, and he doesn’t publish except on his blog . . . and he’s the smartest philosopher out there.”

Plus, he’s 238 in dog years.


Book department update: I’m editing like a crazy person trying to make my book deadline AND be happy with the final product.  Meanwhile, this morning at Mass the reading was about Peter walking on water, and not walking on water, and yeah, just what I needed.  Pleasantly surprised later this afternoon when good things happened exactly where I was afraid everything was going to fall through.

(Um — even though it didn’t matter? I have special nervousness powers. But you know, the thought of trying something and failing? It’s daunting.  It is.)

In defense of Peter: Neither chickens nor cats would’ve gotten out of the boat to begin with.


And with that, I’m back to regular life.  I’ll keep y’all in my prayers, and I’m trying to work through my blogging backlog in addition to doing all the other stuff I need to do, so look for me to pop in with this or that, time permitting.  Have a great week!

(And yes, you can post links.  I am, by the way, reading comments.  Oh, about once a week, but I am.  And trying to reply as well.)

15 thoughts on “3.5 Time Outs: Not Chicken

  1. 2. I was telling my Larry that I want chickens now… tehehe…mostly for eating the fire ants (especially after this morning’s “surprise” on the bin outside…seriously where do they come from?!) and I do like fresh eggs… but if I research if I can have them where I live it might open the door for him to get something… I see the “wish list” and its kinds of scary! (In a geekery kind of way)

    My link for this week… the topic of the article has been weighing heavy on my heart. There are things about it from my own experiences that have left me thinking about a lot lately. And Ive felt very connected or can relate on a level I didn’t know existed. Can’t really put the rest into words.


    1. I’m not sure they’ve noticed them yet. We have a privacy fence. And the chickens haven’t gotten over close to our adjoining chain-link-fence neighbor, but I can imagine the conversation when their son comes in and tells them he saw a chicken, and the parents try to figure out what he could be talking about.

    2. I have a friend in Virginia (the western side, not near metro) who lives two houses away from a National forrest and she was told to get rid of her chickens… because of the neighbor across street complaining about the noise.

    1. Apparently the City of Columbia had some excitement . . . in which they discovered there are no laws against it, so as long as the chickens behave per the general not-creating-a-nuisance type laws, they’re in for now. I think chicken people are just hoping the City will forget all about it and go back to funding bad art and stuff like that to stay busy.

      1. Don’t jinx yourself now. The Arts Commission is seems to always be on the chopping block whenever I decided to pay attention that on my FB feed. If it actually succeeds some people might need a new cause to attach to. Im bad I know but I wish I got paid 100k/yr to do that job…oh but I would actually enjoy that job. Hey Id invite you to my cocktail parties at least! 😀

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