3.5 Time Outs: The Plague-Ridden Lifestyle

Thanks once again to our host Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy, who is nothing if not good for Death Star-themed humor.

TV is my friend.


SuperHusband took the relatively healthy contingent to the family reunion [Bethune Homesteaders spared infection — castle residents went straight to our ancestral family’s farm, Curley family kept safe] and I stayed home with the weekend’s victims.  Got a lot of writing done, that’s nice.  But look, Barbecue!


Having spent a weekend holed up in quarantine with an iPod, the Boy returned to the land of the living in order to show me this:


And also this:


Not half a take, but themed on the halves: You’ll be pleased to know that while I learn slowly, I do eventually learn.  Monday I promised my would-be publisher I could have the manuscript on the new, expanded, book-length version of the catechist booklet done by  June 30th — and assured her that I what meant was “I plan to have it done by the 15th, so there’s two weeks of padding in there.”  Which I felt pretty good about saying, because I know I could get it done by the 1st.

See?  Take the estimated time to completion and double it — twice.  My operations management professor would be so proud.

Curiously, in checking those dates for the writing of this post, I accidentally set my computer’s clock ahead to June 29th.  Don’t worry, I put it back.


PS: Link day.  Help yourself if you are so inclined.  Though I can’t imagine there’s anything on the internet to top Barbecue-Zombie-Stormtrooper Day.  Post as many as you want, but only one per comment or the spam dragon will eat you up and I’ll never even know.

13 thoughts on “3.5 Time Outs: The Plague-Ridden Lifestyle

  1. All last week, or at least the greater beginning part of the week, most if not all of my sca friends were live streaming the USA team at the 2012 Battle of Nations that was held in Warsaw, Poland. I think I posted a “trailer” earlier because this is the first year USA was able to send a team. Not all the video footage is up yet but here is a playlist I found. Of course I was actually working and couldn’t watch the live stream myself. 🙁


  2. I *love* the BBQ song hahaha… when I was near Clarksville for work I had time to head on down to Lynchburg, TN to take the tour of the Jack Daniel’s distillery. Afterwards I head to “downtown” Lynchburg (it was quite quaint) but the BBQ Caboose was FABULOUS! I love getting BBQ whenever I find myself in KY and TN. When I to feed a craving I will head to Sticky Fingers.

  3. They’re right- Florida isn’t a southern state. Neither is California, FWIW. My very favorite BBQ is Lee Roy Selmon’s. It’s great stuff, molasses based.

  4. Larry, that was hilarious, and Sandra, I love the 1st World Problems video. So true.

    Anna, you know I could not have posted the barbecue song if they’d counted Florida as southern. It’s a Yankee colonial territory. The only error I saw was that in the greater metro Aiken, SC area, yellow sauce is not the thing. I married a yellow-sauce guy, and it’s awkward. Sandra, molasses, huh? Maybe. Maybe.

    1. Ive tried BBQ from many different places (as in states or cities) and can say I don’t like the yellow sauce stuff or rarely like the vinegar based ones…but molasses I agree… to me as kid it was good stuff for cooking and baking and more than just the joke you made about someone being slowwwwww.

      1. I’m a vinegar person. I was raised with the firm conviction that Parker’s BBQ in NC was the only thing going. My grandmother would take orders from all her neighbors, and bring back containers whenever she traveled south.

    1. Are you crazy? There’d be a stampede :-).

      [Everyone else: There’s a reason certain people get called the Super-In-Laws. Best smoked . . . anything . . . ever. And that’s all I’m sayin’.]

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