7 Quick Takes: 40 Days

At least it isn't Saturday. I could have done worse.


The bookshelves are in!  People say my library method makes sense!  Or at least haven’t complained!  The countertops still need to be finished.  Photo coming sometime after that.


If you have an e-mail sitting in my inbox, yes I will reply soon.  I’ve been sidetracked by regular life.


Cleaning my house.  Yes, really.  That’s what I’ve been doing all week.


Because Lent is only 40 days away.  And this year for Lent, our family is going to Clean Up After Ourselves.


It’s not that we’re slobs.  It’s that I can write a sentence beginning with, “It’s not that we’re slobs,” and no one senses any kind of irony or sarcasm there.  They await some other explanation, thinking skeptically, “This better be good.”

But let’s just clarify right now:  I could never ever qualify for one of those slovenliness reality shows.   We do like order and cleanliness.  We do.   Almost obsessively, in some pursuits.  But housekeeping?  There’s always another project that’s just a little bit more pressing.

You know all those movies where they tell you to slow down and enjoy life?  Or spend more time with your family?  Or focus on __________ that really counts?  We should be banned from those movies.  We need the movie where the family-centered protagonists have an amazing revelation about their misplaced priorities, and learn it might be okay to put dishes straight into the dishwasher after dinner.


But you can wait just a second before you put away that glass, and say a quick prayer for Allie Hathaway.


So we’re having a Carnival of Cleanliness, in an effort to make Lent less penitential than it otherwise would be.   You remember that line in A Mother’s Rule of Life, where she mentions  in passing that before you begin, make sure there’s A Place For Everything, and Everything In It’s Place?  Yeah, we’ve been working on that sentence for half a decade now.   And we’re close.  So close.

13 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: 40 Days

    1. WordPress ate your quote (it hates those <> quotes), but I think I know which one. Yes. Thank you so much for praying. It makes such a difference.

  1. When does Lent start? My sister couldn’t get a calender from our church because they weren’t any left.

    Boy, you sure have a lot of work. Hope you find time to relax and unwind. 🙂

    1. Hilda, Ash Wednesday is February 22nd. Easter is April 8th. (I snagged one of the calendars before the parish ran out. Need to go back and see if I can get a 2nd one to post in my RE classroom.) And yes, it is a busy time of life. Not that I haven’t always sought out a ton to do. But with young children around, the minimum workload is much higher than with no kids at home. I wouldn’t be happy, though, without stuff to keep my busy.

      1. Wow, you are one super busy woman. I can imagine how much more tiring with little ones running around.

        Thanks so much for letting me know when Lent starts and when is Easter. So glad you got a calender and hope you’ll be able to get a second one for your RE classroom.

        Have a great week! 😀

  2. You know: Easter is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon after the Northern Vernal Equinox. Then you backfigure from Easter to Ash Wednesday.

    I just let the Church do it for me.

    This does emphasize how Christianity harmonizes with God’s Creation.

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