FID Last Week: Proclaiming the Kingdom

Joe Wetterling, who is a more responsible blogger than I am, wrote a good post for last week’s intentional discipleship study.  An excerpt:

In her discussion questions for this week, Sherry asks us “are you practiced in sharing the Gospel story?” I bet most of us aren’t. I’m practiced at reading it, at teaching it, at writing it. But sharing it? Noooo no no.. Sharing is that bad thing where people talk back and don’t like what you’re saying. I don’t like that part!  We need to practice. Perhaps we need a Toastmasters for evangelization – the safe environment to practice our pitch, to get comfortable talking about the person most important to us. But we need to practice, however we do it.

Read the whole thing at CWG.

Also, if you ever get a chance to meet Mr. & Mrs. Wetterling . . . do it.  I got about 5 Wetterling Minutes altogether during the CMN conference, and knew I liked these people.  Then I saw them coloring t-shirts together, and yeah, that explained it. Not just intelligent.  Fun *and* intelligent.  Best possible package.

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