Homeschool Bleg: Our Lady of the Rosary School?

Anyone have any experience with Our Lady of the Rosary School?  A friend asked for my opinion, and I know nothing.  Please share!  Thanks.

[FYI: I’m not considering them for myself.  Quite happy with our current method.  Just in case someone felt the need to talk me off the ledge . . . my friend has a very different personality and set of needs, and it looks like it might be a fit for her, if they are indeed a reputable group and all that.]

4 thoughts on “Homeschool Bleg: Our Lady of the Rosary School?

  1. I to would like to know what others think of Our Lady of the Rosary? I have been with Seton Home Study for 19 years and it is just to demanding. We have a large family and I need something more family friendly.

  2. Shelley,

    So far all I’ve heard about OLR is that they are indeed a long-established homeschool that offers a solid Catholic education. I’m told that back in the day — check with them to confirm — the texts were photocopies of vintage Catholic school texts, which you borrowed for your use and returned to OLR when finished with them. (That info is a decade old or more, so definitely call them and find out what the current word is.)

    Good luck in figuring out your next step — what grades / ages are your kids?

    If you aren’t already reading at the Catholic Homeschooling Forum at Delphi – – it is a small group of Catholic moms with a wide range of experiences. Would be a good place to share a few details about your needs and get realistic recommendations.


  3. I used OLRS Curriculum for 2 years with my 3 children. They are very family friendly, offer payment plans, and financial aid. Yes, their texts are photocopied texts that have a Dick and Jane style. The curriculum is very traditional Catholic. I have attempted to contact them over the last few months to get some assistance with testing, and never receive a call back or email. They may not be in business anymore as a result of families falling behind in tuition and or needing financial aid because of the recession. I know this was the case for my family. The website is inactive. I’m concerned about where my tuition payments will go and what my children will do moving forward.

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