More like an Ephesian than I’d like to be

So yesterday in the daily Mass readings we were back to that famous passage in Ephesians, which provokes so many hearty explanations about how it either means that she must obey, or means that she need not.  So naturally I had to think about that.

” . . . as they regard the Lord” seemed to be the key phrase.  Not, “as you regard the President”, or “your boss”, or “your feudal master”.  Jesus.  Not a wife-beater.

Well.  Hmmn.   How exactly do I regard the Lord?

I informed SuperHusband that I was really quite equal in my treatment of the both of them — I talk to him a lot, and listen very little.

SuperHusband thought that was maybe not what St. Paul was hoping for.



For a good Christian role model on this topic, take a look at Mother Theresa of Calcutta in her biography C ome Be My Light. Complete submission to the will of God is also complete confidence in the will of God.  Alignment of the wills.  I think that might be more the goal.


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