Something I’d heard about, but never seen.

Rapunzel-thon* continues.  Convalescing 5-year-old calls for help: “Mom, can you make it play in the language I’m speaking?”

“The language you’re speaking?  That’s English.”  They lose track of these things.

She’s on the main menu.  I go check the language settings.  There’s two English choices:

  1. Dolby something or another
  2. Dolby something or another Descriptive Video Service.

“Darling, do you mind if I try something?”

“Okay.” <– She is the happiest member of our family.  All the time.  Wish the rest of us were so compliant**.


This is the first time I’ve seen DVS on the language-track choices, and wow, pretty cool.  Useful of course for it’s intended purpose.  But also: Wow, what a study in film-making!  Draws your attention to what information is shared via dialogue or sound-effects, and what is told in images.  Great tool for the writer.

5 year-old doesn’t seem to mind it — it could be annoying to have to listen to descriptions you don’t need — but then, she loves describing things.  All about method, that child.


*I like this movie much more than Steven Greydanus did.  Then again, he probably hasn’t been subject to OSHA-prohibited hours of exposure to Barbie Fairy Secret.  Not that I’d trade jobs with him.  Not ever.  No way.  It takes a true martyr to endure what that man does.

** Such a happy baby that I  took her to the doctor when she was four months old, because she was suddenly so fussy, no other symptom.  Ear infection, maybe?  Nope.  The doctor diagnosed “fussy baby”.  I went home, remembered Ora-gel, and the problem was solved.  A walking anti-parable, “The Girl Who Never Cried Wolf”.

4 thoughts on “Something I’d heard about, but never seen.

  1. Love Tangled. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE. Husband loves it too (which is saying something). And maybe it’s not that good, but I too have been subjected to various movies of the Barbie and Strawberry Shortcake variety. At least it doesn’t make me feel both homicidal and suicidal and screamorific.

    Your 5yo would get on BRILLIANTLY with my two girls (6 and 4). They describe, describe, describe. All. Day. Long. While they play. While they read. While they eat. While…well, you get the idea.

    1. There’s some way to mine this. I feel sure.

      And yes, Tangled-love. It doesn’t make me crazy. The music is good. The writing is good. The themes are not saccharine or trite. Self-sacrifice. Character development. Complex characters. And my goodness, yes, it is not Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake, or Carebears. What more can you want in something that probably needs to be regulated by the FDA?

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