Something I’d heard about, but never seen.

Rapunzel-thon* continues.  Convalescing 5-year-old calls for help: “Mom, can you make it play in the language I’m speaking?”

“The language you’re speaking?  That’s English.”  They lose track of these things.

She’s on the main menu.  I go check the language settings.  There’s two English choices:

  1. Dolby something or another
  2. Dolby something or another Descriptive Video Service.

“Darling, do you mind if I try something?”

“Okay.” <– She is the happiest member of our family.  All the time.  Wish the rest of us were so compliant**.


This is the first time I’ve seen DVS on the language-track choices, and wow, pretty cool.  Useful of course for it’s intended purpose.  But also: Wow, what a study in film-making!  Draws your attention to what information is shared via dialogue or sound-effects, and what is told in images.  Great tool for the writer.

5 year-old doesn’t seem to mind it — it could be annoying to have to listen to descriptions you don’t need — but then, she loves describing things.  All about method, that child.


*I like this movie much more than Steven Greydanus did.  Then again, he probably hasn’t been subject to OSHA-prohibited hours of exposure to Barbie Fairy Secret.  Not that I’d trade jobs with him.  Not ever.  No way.  It takes a true martyr to endure what that man does.

** Such a happy baby that I  took her to the doctor when she was four months old, because she was suddenly so fussy, no other symptom.  Ear infection, maybe?  Nope.  The doctor diagnosed “fussy baby”.  I went home, remembered Ora-gel, and the problem was solved.  A walking anti-parable, “The Girl Who Never Cried Wolf”.