3.5 Time Outs: Back to Civilization

Thanks once again to our host Larry D. at Acts of the Apostasy, who persuades me to write whether I ought to or not.

Click and be amazed.


I’m enjoying being home again.  No more book-craziness for a while, kids are back to school and so far it’s going well, and I’m 10% less jet-lagged every day. If life stays normal, I might be a civilized person as soon as 2014.


This past week, Julie Davis kept using the word “economics” in sentences directed at me.  I remembered vaguely something about having studied these topics in school, and maybe even having some marginal qualifications, and that I had initially started this blog to be about economics and history . . . sheesh.

But the weird thing:  All the whole time I was writing the catechist book, I was thinking, “I just need to knock this thing out so I can get back to my *real* project,” which is the homeschooling book.”

[Not on a topic that competes with Rebecca’s topic, by the way.  The two books should go together great, so buy hers first.]

And here’s what . . . I realized this weekend that now the homeschooling book has become the “gotta get this outta the way” project.  ‘Cause yes.  I wanna write about some Christian money issues.  So maybe I give myself a week or two to breathe, then do the homeschooling book and just get it done, and then maybe, maybe?, Julie can have an economics blog back?

I dunno. I don’t predict the future with any reliability.


Over at AmazingCatechists.com, I posted about using Christian LeBlanc’s new book as teaching resource for catechists. (Some people were asking when I’d post the catechist-version of that review, so now you know.  I cover different topics than I did here.)

I came home with a pile of review materials from the Giant Catholic Conference Thing-y, so it’ll be review-city for a while here.  Or there.  Somewhere. Did I mention how much I love getting new books?  Love it.  Love it.


I was tooling around the Pauline Media booth, and found this book, which looks very handy to keep in stock at crisis pregnancy centers and the like.

And I was thinking, “Wow, my Spanish has gotten much better, because I can read the whole back cover pretty easily.”  Also, I considered the fact that I could read it to be a reliable signal that the reading level was very accessible, which is always a plus in my book.  But then my plane was very very late getting home Saturday night, so Sunday I went to


Oh, hey, about those links: It came to my attention that my sidebar is due for some updating.  If you read here, leave your link in the combox.  I’m going to set a goal of doing the update, let’s say . . . September 23rd?  Nope, that’s a Sunday, make it the 24th.

–> FYI I’d love to include not just your personal link, but any recommended sites you think fit with the multitude of themes here.  But do just one link per comment, because otherwise the robotic spam-dragon will consume the whole lot of them.  Thanks!

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  1. Oh, I should be at SAAD… we will see how my money is from this past weekend. Which by the way.. “Sandra of the Combox” is slightly famous now 🙂 The group I performed with at DragonCon’s Masquerade, Captain America & Dancing Girls, won a special award “Best Patriotic.” And I got to meet Grant Imahara from Mythbusters. Squee! Here is the recording where Larry L and friends stood in line for over three hours to get a good seat:

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