7 Exceedingly Quick Takes

Surfacing for air here, and then it’s back under for more mom-work-a-thon:

1.  Pray for Allie Hathaway.  Thanks.

2. I now remember why it is my children took so long to learn to swim.  Taking a baby, a toddler, and a preschooler to the pool by yourself?  Not easy.

3.  I did not do this today.  I rendezvous’d with a brave friend, and just *helped*.  It was enough.

4. If you are really, really good on a College Tour Heat Wave Marathon, I will buy you Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. 

5. And Dr. Pepper.

6. Also, if I love you especially much, I will be very diligent about removing my Krispy Kreme hat before I attend the next departmental tour.

7. I love patriotic hymns.

The end. 

Oh yes, PS: Please pray for Sandra and Larry, who are getting married tomorrow evening!  I’m so excited!


7 x 77 Quick Takes can be found at the home of our lovely hostess at ConversionDiary.com.  Other people write more stuff.  Go look.  WordPress is being exceedingly naughty this morning, so you’ll have to copy and paste the address in your browser.  Enjoy!

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