At CatholicMom.Com: The Ride-Along Lifestyle

In which I say: Pack your kid(s) in the car, and go do something boring together!

No, really.  Fun is over-rated.  I’m sure my latest column is just a reminder about what everyone knows . . . but given that this morning on the way to Target I got to explain basements, sump pumps, frost depth, and I think there were a few digressions into fashion, modesty, and I’m not sure what else . . . I stand by my point.  Ride around with your kids.  It’s time well spent.

Hey and look at Margaret Realy’s column while you’re there — lovely post on doubt and the Holy Family.

2 thoughts on “At CatholicMom.Com: The Ride-Along Lifestyle

  1. We’ve always traveled en masse with the radio off, and get on famously. Plus everyone else in the car is enlightened by my impromptu pontifications.

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