About the Ugly Duckling Phase

You  may have noticed that I caused the blog to become terribly ugly, and then I left it that way.  Here’s what’s going on:

  • In anticipation of the new project TBA, I need to get this blog into a layout that will support some of the necessary new features.
  • Therefore, I’ve been toying around with themes-n-things, in order to find a combination of beauty and utility that satisfies both my aesthetic goals and my desire to not have to learn very much.
  • And then I wasn’t feeling well.*  So my blog got stuck with a terrible experimental haircut.

I do apologize.  It’s like one of those dreams where you can’t quite seem to get to class all the way dressed.  But I won’t be naked at the grand opening, I promise.


*By this we mean that a certain blogger was several weeks into exertion-induced arrhythmias and exhaustion that would not seem to listen any explanations about how no, really, we could just stop with that now, thanks.  The thing that finally worked was all the usual adjustments, plus getting the heck off social media, which it turns out is more active a form of rest than other more laying-around modes of rest.  If you see me on Facebook and my blog is still ugly, remind me to get off FB and go work on the blog if I’m such a little bundle of energy.