Introducing Vincent Weaver

Note from Jen: I’ve invited my friend and colleague Vincent Weaver to share his thoughts on this blog.  I kept urging him to start his own blog, but he had the sense not to do that, so I decided to lure him into the vice slowly and gently.  Today he introduces himself, and in the future just watch the byline.  If you enjoy his work, please let him know over at the blog discussion group


Greetings blog readers!

No doubt you all lead busy lives and have other things to do, so I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to give me a few minutes of your time so I can introduce myself to you. My name is Vincent Weaver. I’m what some might call a “revert” to the Catholic faith. Having been raised as a Catholic from birth and attended Catholic schools for 9 years during the “Kum-ba-yah” years of Catholic education, I honestly had a very superficial  understanding of all things “Catholic.” (Maybe some of you can relate? Of course, it’s also possible that I just wasn’t paying enough attention…)

After drifting in the wilderness for a decade or so, the Holy Spirit whacked me over the head and suddenly God and my faith became important to me. I owe a great deal of gratitude to all those Evangelical Protestants out there who asked me such good questions and challenged my faith to where I finally started taking the time to learn what “being Catholic” really meant. (Sometimes moving to the Deep South can have unintended consequences.)

Anyway, there are few things in this world I enjoy more than writing about connections between the real and the surreal, between the natural and the supernatural, and between the physical and the spiritual.

What does that mean, exactly? It means you never know what you’re going to get with me, but I’ll always strive to make it an interesting ride. On any given day, you might see mixtures of theology, art and pop culture, politics, astrophysics, business, geography, biology, time and money management, grammar talk, and pretty much any topic related to human sexuality (with an occasional pun thrown in, just for seasoning).

So, buckle up! We’re going on a tangent!


Vintage photo of a juggler in top hat and partial clown-face walking past commuters on a streetcar traveling in the opposite direction.

 Photo: Deutsche Fotothek‎ [CC BY-SA 3.0 de], via Wikimedia Commons.