Kindle for les francophiles . . .

A little franglais for you, hehe.

H/T to David Gaughran for pointing out Amazon now has a Kindle store in France, *and* french language titles available in the US.  (A couple weeks old now, but maybe you missed it too.)   A quick search at the US store for kindle books “en francais”, and wow, piles of interesting stuff.  Lot of classics in the public domain available for free.

This one totally has my name on it: Le Docteur Omega (Aventures fantastiques de trois Français dans la Planète Mars)  Circa 1906, it’s like a source document for Dr. Boli & the Young Chesterton Series both.

I like paper.  Strongly prefer it.  But between the cost of print books and the space constraints for storing them, plus Gibert Joseph has yet to open an outlet in my corner of the backwoods, getting what I want to read is not so easy.  I might have to take this up with Mr. Claus.

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