Lent Day 19: Is it Pink Yet?

My deep thought for the weekend: I wish it were Laetare Sunday.

Nope.  Not yet.  But it is the feast of St. Joseph, so I was practically obliged to have some of that Lenten cheesecake.

Also, I wore my pink sweater to Mass in solidarity with all the people who think it would be nice if we sprung forward a week.  Which led to me to thinking, during Mass, that sometime we should organize a practical joke in which everyone shows up wearing the color associated with a holiday that is not on that day.  Red on a week that is not Pentecost.  Green on July 4th.  Something like that.

Someone do it and report back, please.

Also: I should be paying better attention during Mass and not thinking up practical jokes.  Even if they are related to liturgical or saint-themed colors.

Brown and grey-black floppy-eared rabbit. File:Mini lop.jpg

If the rabbit sees his shadow, four more weeks of Lent. Photo by Franie Frou Frou [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.