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Now up at New Evangelizers: I went to St. Mary’s, Greenville, and came home with a book report.  About the bulletin.


So that visit prompted a twitter conversation between me & Katie O’Keefe — she started it, of course, and made personal twitter history with me, because it was my first ever use of the medium for conversation.  Now look, she’s started construction on a website related to church music.  Score.  I am waiting, waiting, waiting for her to publish her list of must-know sacred music, because I don’t want to spill the beans.  But it’s a good list.

Meanwhile SuperHusband and #2 have been sneaking into the city to get schooled by Dr. Music at the for-serious choir, where they were desperate enough for a second base bass that they’d accept a low tenor who openly admitted he was just there for singing lessons.  Dr. Music, being that kind of guy, is perfectly happy to train cantors from other parishes.  He just wants more good music in the world.

Something interesting to read: Liturgical Music Today: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times.  Maybe the book is terrible. But the interview sounds . . . sane.

Something Not About Liturgical Music interesting to read: Brandon @ Siris on why Lady Susan is mighty mighty good Jane Austen.  I need to re-read.


Something else: Dr. Greg links here to an article about relationships & parenting / homeschooling / discipline / all that stuff.  There were a handful of threads this week revolving about this theme, very timely for me in light of my talk in two weeks.

I think my book makes it abundantly clear that a healthy relationship with your students is foundational to classroom management.  If you miss that, you missed the one big thing.  The rest is just tactics for how to have that relationship.  Those aren’t the terms I use.  But that’s the deal.

So, having been reminded that maybe some folks would miss the ocean for the waves, I’ll be sure to point that out.  I think I’m going to make it a regular refrain.

HINT: You know that word “discipline”?  And how it has the word “disciple” hiding inside of it?  Try to imagine Our Lord not having a relationship with His disciples.  Doesn’t work, does it?  Can’t have one without the other.

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