Mid-Month Updates

No Children Left In Ditch.

We made it to Naples and back with exactly the same number and kind of children with which we set out.  Thank you St. John Bosco, whom I did ask for assistance from time to time.  St. Augustine, by the way, is completely awesome.

UPDATED to clarify: Both the saint and the city in Florida are awesome.  Where they each rank within the category of People, Places, and Things Called “St. Augustine” I leave to the reader’s discretion.

Bookstore Management Tip:  Consider not charging admission to your retail venue.

At Castillo de San Marcos, you have to buy admission before you get into the fort, where the bookstore is located.  (This did not stop me from buying books, but not everyone feels the same way about books as I do.  Also, we were going to see the fort anyway.)

In contrast, the Pirate Museum has its gift shop built into its entryway.  Which is handy for parents who do not want to pay admission to the museum, but feel pretty lucky to get off with just looking at the Pirate Merchandise and buying one small pirate book for the trip home.

On the other hand, if early-modern marauders attempt a raid on the seashell-identification books at San Marcos, there are three lines of defense to keep them at bay.

Digital Devices = Road Trip Fever

What with recorded books, DVD’s, and iPods, twenty hours in the car was really quite peaceful.  Causing me to come up with the ridiculous, husband-exasperating plan of going to the national March for Life next week.  Friends with ulterior motives are aiding and abetting.  So I think we’ll go.

And look at this:  Pro-Life Feminist Hot Chocolate. It’s a super-bonus . . . and I get a glimpse of the reportedly lovely and delightful Helen Alvaré, and the kids get hot chocolate?  See, if that doesn’t convince you of the worthiness of the pro-life cause, I don’t know what does.

A Missal.

I’m beside myself with excitement, because MTF slipped a shiny new super-gorgeous Daily Roman Missal in with the other review book I was expecting (Introduction to Catholicism).  You’ll recall I had to glue the old one’s cover back together.  But I’ve been virtuously resisting shelling out for a new edition, even though every time I hear the elegant, poetic lines of the new Mass translation, I’m dying to get my own copy.

The new book is about twenty-time awesomer than I had guessed, because the new edition is beefed up with a pile of handy tables and indexes and bits of mini-catechism. So soon very soon I’ll have a post up at AC reviewing the new Missal, and explaining why exactly my old one needed to be glued back together, because I always, always, shove it into my bag on the way to religious ed, because if you have that one book, you can teach the Catholic faith to anybody at all, ever, no matter what weird scheduling surprises come your way when you arrive at class.


I did not make a single pun on the word Missal in those previous paragraphs.  We’ll just mark that down on in the big white space where my virtues are tallied.  I am the picture of self-restraint.  The St. Therese of resisting bad puns.  Or something.


The irony is not lost on me. I wrote this great column on winter snow-n-ice appropriate science activities for CatholicMom.com, then promptly spent a week lounging on the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.  And swimming.  Outdoors.

This photo taken a different, icier year. And yes, the power was out. For a week. I did not like it. I prefer the beach.

So here’s my experiment: I’m going to write a column for NE (due this week, runs next week), and I think the topic is “Things You Can Do To Evangelize When You Think You Can’t Evangelize”.  Will this cause me to suddenly have many opportunities to evangelize?

You Might Be An Accountant If . . .

You’re goofing off browsing the Mid-Atlantic Congress catechetical conference page (which you are not planning to attend), and you notice all these financial management sessions:

Are you not dying to attend?  I am.  Seriously.  Has anyone sat in on any presentations from these speakers (John Eriksen, Peter Denio, or Dennis Corcoran), and have an opinion on how good the workshops will be?  For all Darwin doubts the use of an MBA, I begin to think that pastoral associates are the one class of people who might could benefit from such a course of study.  Some reputable seminary ought to make a joint MA/MBA program.

Oh That Homeschooling Book

I printed out the whole giant nasty sprawling draft, stuck it in a binder, and it’s waiting for me attack it with my tin of magic markers. So I’m making progress. Slowly.


Castello San Marcos:By National Park Service (http://www.nps.gov) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “Mid-Month Updates

  1. I didn’t realize you were going all the way down to Naples… you passed right by the boys! And I am jealous as I love St Augustine, the city, and Florida’s Atlantic coastline 🙂

    I have to share this neat doggie story.. I’d like to think that dogs in general can be shining examples of devotion but this one has a neat twist. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/9806326/Dog-turns-up-to-dead-owners-church-every-day.html

    BTW Im taking English 100 this semester and I hate it so far. My English are good and I think I understand it more better than what I see on Facebook. (Sorry that hurt but it was a “fun” way to vent… BTW the people who annoy me with their horrible English skills are high school classmates who already have four years of college and are teaching in the public school system. How and why they made it through 4 years of college and have that horrible of English is frightening.) So I don’t hate the actual class but the teacher is driving me insane with how she is doing the homework. I’d rather put together a 5000 piece puzzle than sit and figure what it is exactly I have for homework and where I have to turn it in to. The other class isn’t at all bad and is in a similar tract to the other ones I took last semester. Oh and the books were incredibly expensive… and that’s saying a lot from someone who has been known to buy expensive art books!

    I’ll talk to when I get back from Germany. I still want to do Jane Austen movie marathon night (or similar genre)…

  2. RE: Boys – ah man. I mean, it would have been weird to just drop in, but it’s wistful thinking of passing right by them.

    Re: Doggie story – that’s neat. Thanks for the link!

    Sorry the class is such a pain — if you needed English help I’m good for that, but help with weird filing systems, not so much.

    Agreed on movie night. We were sort of jammed up with odds and ends right before the trip. We’ll keep trying. I’m nothing if not persistent about pursuing leisure opportunities.

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