On the radio, no one knows you’re wearing clothes.

Speaking of swimsuits . . . Just back from a quick round of field research* on the Gulf of Mexico (Happy 90th, Grandma!), on the agenda today:

1. A selection of CWG officers are chatting today on Radio Maria with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, 11AM EST.  You can listen online, or if 11AM finds you obliged to be all responsible, click on the podcast later.

2. I’ll try not to sound all goofy like I did in the recording of my interview with Teresa Tomeo.  I didn’t post the recording (because: goofy), but her thoughts on Catholics in the media are up at CWG.  When I grow up, I want my talking points to sound as smooth as hers do.

3. Last Saturday I wrote about sex ed resources at CatholicMom.com. For Mater et Magistra subscribers, a more comprehensive round-up of TOTB stuff for parents and their kids is out in print in the summer issue. Summary: You have no excuse.  Teach your kids (and yourself as needed) up from down, right from wrong.  You can do it.

4. Homeschool co-op is going great.  Mostly.

Prayer requests:

(a) that I wouldn’t sound more geeky than necessary today on the radio

(b) that Jon & I would discern correctly on whether to become presenters for Family Honor

(c) that I’d get my Apologetics for Kids class cleaned up and better suited to the vast range of ages of present

(d) that John Hathaway’s lung would go back where it belongs, and stay there.


Also (e) that the SuperHusband’s dislocated ribs would behave and heal quickly.

Double thanks!


*Conclusion: Dolphins look great just as they are.  Also, my family is pretty cool.

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