Patron Saint of Dark Humor

Don’t already know the joke? Click and be amused.

Happy feast day to Larry D., Larry L.! And all the other Lawrence-y types, except those of you who’ve taken on one of the dozen or so saints also by that name.  Note that martyrdom seems to be the common theme.  Just sayin’.

Artwork: [Public Domain]

7 thoughts on “Patron Saint of Dark Humor

  1. I didn’t know the joke right away… so I clicked and then “aha” I remember. The story was taught at the Catholic school I went to (no surprise there) but I really do believe the nun was trying to push it as dark humor.

    1. I think he’s sort of the proto-patron of the whole branch of comedy involving the assigning of patron saints.

      My favorite new-to-me St. Lawrence joke:

      Q.: What did our Lord say when he introduced St. Lawrence around heaven?

      A: “My good and faithful servant, well done.”

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